Bethany Mitchell

poet + writer
Nottingham, UK

I often write experimental, ecological, and site-specific poetry. I inspect my local landscapes and my interactions with them from an ecological perspective, seeking to destabilise hierarchies of human/non-human. I am particularly interested in researching boundaries or ‘edgelands’ in my writing.

Recent publications

‘Thuban’, Visual Verse 8.7 (May 2021)
‘NG1>>>NG15’, Rewilding: an Ecopoetic Anthology (Crested Tit Collective, November 2020)
‘grid ref:’, Seiren 2.0 (September 2020)
‘Landscape’, Psyche (August 2020)
‘Postcard for the End of the World’, Kissing Dynamite 19 (July 2020)
‘Domestic’, Crêpe & Penn 8 (June 2020)
‘Autograph’, The Wombwell Rainbow (June 2020)
Review of Maria Sledmere’s nature sounds without nature sounds, amberflora (December 2019)
‘Little Egret’, Voices – Nottingham Poetry Exchange (May 2019)
‘My Sonnet was Maltreated’, lower ground 18 (May 2019)
‘Awake’ and ‘Liberation Joyride’, (w)hole zine (February 2019)